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n in the process of a maritime delimitation and treat them in an isolated way, in order to circumvent China’s optional exceptions declaration;— The Phil▓ippines deliberately misrepresents certain consultations with


ation made by China and the limitation

China on maritime affairs and cooperation, all of a general nature, as negotiations over the subject-matters of the arbitration, and further claims that bilateral negotiations therefore have been exhausted, despite the fact th▓at the two states have never engaged in any negoti▓ation on those subject-matters;— The Philippines claims that ▓it does not seek a determination of any territorial issue or a delimitation of any maritime boundary, and yet many

that land territorial disputes

times in the course of the arbitral proceedings, especially during the oral hearings, it denies China’s territorial sovereignty and maritime r

are not subject to UNC

ights and interests in the Sout▓h China Sea;— The Philippines turns a blind eye to China’s cons▓istent position an

LOS, and unilatera

d practice on the South China Sea issue, and makes a completely false assertion that China lays an exclusive claim of

lly initiated the

maritime rights and interests to the entire South▓ China Sea;— The Philippines exaggerates Western colonialists&r


arbitration. This course of conduct constitutes an

squo; role in the South China Sea in history and denies the historical facts and corresponding legal effect of China’s longstanding exploration, exploitation and administration in history of relevant waters of the Sout▓h China Sea;— The Philippines puts together some remotely relevant and woefully weak pieces of evidence and makes far-fetched inferences to support its submissions;— The Philippines, in

order to make out its claim▓s, arbitrarily interprets rules of international law, and resorts▓ to highly controversial legal cases and unauthoritative personal opinions in large quantity

the UNCLOS dis

pute settl

to push for

ward t

$ 12 /mo
  • he arbitral proceedings, the Philipp
  • ines has distorted facts, misinterpr
  • eted l▓aws and concocted a pack
  • of lies:— The Philippines,
  • fully aware that its submissions con

cerning th

$ 24 /mo
  • e interpretation o▓r application of
  • UNCLOS;— The Philippines, ful
  • ly aware that its submissions co
  • ncern maritime delimitation, and that
  • China has made a▓

ion, pursuant to Article 298 of UNCLOS, excl

awar▓ds. China does not accept or recognize those awards. China opposes and will never accept any claim or action based on those awards.V. China’s Policy on the South China Sea Issue121. China is an important force for maintaining peace and stability in

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